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Elanor's Explanations

Notes on Tolkien Sub-Creation

29 November
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I am a writer, living in the Pacific Northwest, USA. I am as old as Bilbo Baggins was when he was lured away on his adventure, and I write stories of Middle-earth, which is rather like a quiet adventure for me. In addition to writing (which I did on paper between the ages of 12 and 25, and in my head for a great while afterwards while I was raising two little girls, and on the computer now they have grown up and I am free to do what I want to do), I like reading and thinking and warm sweaters and jeans and cinnamon tea and chocolate and e-mail. I have a very nice husband, to whom I have been married for 35 years (alright, I'm a teeny bit older than Bilbo!), and where we live it's very green, like the Shire, though I think it rains far more here. Some writers I admire are JRR Tollkien, John Steinbeck, Sigrid Undset, Frank Herbert, Jane Austen, Patrick O'Brien and Lucy Maud Montgomery.